Thursday, 11 July 2013

TV: Mad Men (S6) (8/10)

Why did I watch it?
One of my favourites. Must watch TV.

What's it all about?
Season 6 (of 7) revolves around Don's steady descent towards self-destruction and the damage it causes to his relationship with wife Megan, daughter Sally and his company. Another merger is on the cards for SCDP and new character Bob Benson causes a whole heap of questions.

Should you watch it?
Another consistent season, from one of TVs landmark shows for quality. Well written, directed and acted once more. However, despite keeping up with its own level of excellence, this was not my favourite season of Mad Men. Themes are revisited, a new mistress for Don, another drug-fuelled episode, trips to the West Coast, Pete loses a parent and the season doesn't feel quite as fresh as others have.

As always the show manages to amuse me greatly, with some smartly written exchanges between Harry and Pete, Pete and Bob, Roger and Bob and Pete and anyone else to be fair. Despite not featuring as prominently this season, Pete came unstuck and appears to be following Don's footsteps, only in a more amusing fashion.

Circumstances conspire to give Don a new bull to butt horns with in the form of Ted Chaough. His arrival brings an influx of characters that provides the writers an injection of new dynamics to play with that might have been needed as at times the main cast have started to become slightly predictable.

Despite featuring the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and MLK and the backdrop of riots in New York, season six was not as dark as the previous season, there was too much humour for that, but the show remains a complex, dark beast straddled by many unhappy characters and anti-heroes. For me the season culminated on the up as Don found a sense of terribly mis-placed honesty, following a moody descent into unhappiness that saw him lose his mojo at home and most shockingly at the office, that may just have been the end of the Draper dynasty at SCDP.

The beginning of the end?
Only one more season to go. How much will set in California? 


  1. I look forward to checking out this series in a mad streaming binge when it wraps up next season.

    1. Sounds magic! Do the '3guys' watch many TV shows in between the movies?