Saturday, 27 July 2013

FILM: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (9/10)

Why did I watch it?
The question should be 'How has it taken me 15 years to watch this?'. Almost a British institution, it is shameful that it has taken this long!

What's it all about?
Four East End wannabe laaaaaads, Bacon, Eddy, Tom and Soap, end up in debt to the tune of £500,000 to local gangster Harry The Hatchet with a week to pay up. When they discover that the flat next door is occupied by a gang of like minded part time criminals who are planning a robbery of their own, an opportunity presents itself to recover their losses.

Should you watch it?
The film that launched Madonna's one time husband Guy Ritchie to the masses is a triumph of the East End gangster culture laced with a heavy dose of humour and inept characters. One long Mexican stand off in the making with a sharp script full of memorable lines, 'it's been emotional', it's easy to imagine Lock Stock as a film Tarantino would be proud of.

The opening scene belongs to Jason Statham, in his first film, playing a dodgy dealer in a role different to the action tough guys he would go on to trademark, as he wheels and deals fenced items with a Cockney slang heavy script, 'it's a deal, it's a steal'. Ritchie does a good job of gradually introducing the film's characters as the layers of the story develop through narration and hearsay and the characters, from drug kingpin Rory Breaker to Rob Brydon's traffic warden, score the film major plus points.

Lock Stock also boasts a brilliant soundtrack of contemporary British music, Ocean Colour Scene, The Stone Roses and some classic songs, Zorba the Greek, that are well used in the film.

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