Monday, 29 July 2013

FILM: Monsters, Inc. (7/10)

Why did I watch it?
This was a pick by Mrs Media Worm, most likely with an ulterior motive of priming me to go and see Monsters, Inc..

What's it all about?
The monster inhabited city of Monstropolis is powered by children's screams and it's up to 'Scarers' and their assistants, like Sully and Mike, to keep the city running by scaring human children and collecting their screams. The monsters believe that children are dangerous and havoc begins when Sully accidentally releases a child into Monstropolis.   

Should you watch it?
When you stop and consider the subject matter, you realise how gifted Pixar actually are in being able to turn a story about monsters hiding in children's closets to scare them into a funny and warm children's animation. Imagine if Tim Burton has got his hands onto the story!

Monsters, Inc. looks great and tells a hugely original story, however I did find that the film largely relies heavily on slapstick jokes, for the younger audience, and lacks more subtle jokes for adult appreciation that some other children's animations do successfully integrate.

John Goodman is perfectly cast as the gentle Scarer Sully while Billy Crystal, voicing Mike, does become frustratingly annoying as the irritatingly talkative one of the pair.

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  1. Nice review Marky. It's a sweet, but very fun and entertaining tale that works all of these days later. That, and well, I've seen it about 10 times in my life and it never gets old.