Friday, 4 January 2013

FILM: The Sitter (5/10)

Why did I watch it?
Good question. I remember this being released and with Jonah Hill as the lead I was hoping for something along the lines of Superbad

What's it all about?
Jonah Hill plays Noah Griffin, a geeky, overweight, suspended college student who tries to combine the baby-sitting of three troublesome children with an attempt to impress a girl by picking up some cocaine for her. What could possibly go wrong?

Should you watch it?
In one word, no. It has to be said that The Sitter is not without it's funny moments. I'm sure that plenty of people laughed along in places. Any film in which Hill is on camera for it's entirety is bound to have some decent gags. It's just that for the most part the 'jokes' are either pretty lame or unoriginal. Think True Romance for the old 'fighting over a bag of coke until it tears open all over the face of a car's occupant' scene. I get that the children are supposed to be annoying for the sake of laughs, but they are really annoying in a particularly unfunny sense. Jonah Hill does his best to lead the film while things fall down around him but it's too much for his broad shoulders to cope with and the film lurches through some awkward scenes in which Hill provides sincere fatherly advice to the children to it's finish inside of 80 minutes.

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