Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TV: The Tunnel (S1) (9/10)

Why did I watch it?
I watched this because I read that the Danish series it is based on, The Bridge, was well received. A little shamefully I opted for the British production rather than doing any legwork to watch the original.

What's it all about?
A body is discovered laid across the half-way point of the Channel Tunnel, bringing both UK (Stephen Dillane) and French (Clemence Poesy) detectives together to investigate an anarchistic serial killer working on both sides of the channel.

The Good:
  • The Anglo-French clash of cultures and banter between Elise and Karl
  • Elise's matter of fact attitude
  • Slow build-up, steadily peeling layers off the plot as the crimes continue, similar to The Killing
  • The Seven style climactic end to the finale
  • The performances of the two leads Dilane and Poesy
The Bad:
  • At times, especially towards the end the plot became a little convoluted. I'm thinking of the Peleton angle that didn't seem to be explored in any depth.

Favourite line:
'[To a parent]..It will be alright' - Karl
'We can't say that, we don't have any leads on your daughter's current whereabouts' - Elise

Stand-out moment:
The stand-off between Karl, Elise and TT back at the Channel Tunnel

Like the show? Watch: The Bridge, The Killing

What my wife would say: Watched it. Really doesn't like subtitled bits because she can't play on Candy Crush at the same time.

What the world thinks:
IMDB - 4/5
Twitter -

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