Sunday, 29 December 2013

FILM: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (6/10)

Why did I watch it?
It's not so long ago that I watched the original Wall Street for the first time so it made sense to see how Oliver Stone took the story of Gordon Gecko forward.

What's it all about?
Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas) is released from prison and attempts to make amends with his estranged daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan). Winnie is dating young Wall Street trader Jacob Moore (Shia LaBeouf), whose company loses it's value resulting in the suicide of his mentor. Moore seeks out Gecko to uncover the source of the toxic debt rumour that sunk his company in trade for acting as go between for Gecko and Winnie.

The Good:
  • I thought Douglas and LaBeouf were solid. Douglas brought his Gecko skulduggery and LaBeouf his typical energy. Carey Mulligan was a bit disappointing after some of the film's I've seen her in of late.
  • Frank Langella as Moore's mentor Louis Zabel
The Bad:
  • The soundtrack is truly bizarre
  • Oliver Stone's visual gimmicks, slow motion, split screens, editing styles
  • The script is written with such accuracy it will bamboozle most viewers, myself included, with it's heavy city jargon. J.C. Chandor's Margin Call did a much better job.
  • Clichéd motorbike race where Moore and Bretton James try to out-macho each other 

Favourite line:
'Stop telling lies about me and I'll stop telling the truth about you' - Gordon Gecko

Stand-out moment:
When the penny drops for Winnie and Moore....

Like the film? Watch: Wall Street, Margin Call

What my wife would say: Watched it, 'Good but not as good as the original'.

What the world thinks:
Rotten Tomatoes - 55%
Metacritic - 59/100
LAMB Score - 2.81
Twitter -

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