Saturday, 12 October 2013

FILM: Bullitt (8/10)

Why did I watch it?
Always wanted to see 'the' car chase in this film and going to San Francisco recently gave me more of an excuse to check out Steve McQueen tearing up the hilly streets.

What's it all about?
Famously set in San Francisco, Steve McQueen stars as Frank Bullitt, a SFPD Lieutenant charged by self-serving politician (Robert Vaughn) to protect a Chicago mob informant for three days before delivering him to give evidence. After the mob track down the safehouse Bullitt decides to turn the tables and go after them.

Should you watch it?
More than just the famous car chase, which obviously stands out as it's centrepiece and still looks great, Bullitt is a well-paced cop thriller that I enjoyed watching throughout. Director Peter Yates had plenty to work with with old hands Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn heading the cast. The scenes with the two at odds over Bullitt's approach are great to watch, more so with Bullitt's uncompromising attitude to being told what to do by some suit.

Slightly cooler than Herbie
The film's twist, if you can call it that, seemed to be unnecessarily contrived and following the car chase the story seemed to lose the tautness it had beforehand and definitely stutters at this point, not because of the chase but due to the revelation relating to the mob defectors true identity. Thankfully it regains it's momentum once Bullitt races to the airport in time for the film's climax. 

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