Monday, 5 November 2012

FILM: Crazy, Stupid, Love. (7/10)

Why did I watch it?
Another Mrs Northerner special this one while we were on holiday. I hadn't even heard of this film before watching it.

What's it all about?
A romantic comedy that weaves together the romantic entanglements of several interlinked characters. To refer to Crazy Stupid Love as a love triangle would be simplifying it grossly. A love triangle dangerously perched on top of a love pyramid would be more accurate. Steve Carell is the soon to be divorced middle-aged guy with no interest in finding another fish in the sea. He meets successful ladies man Ryan Gosling who offers to help reinvent him as a ladies man himself. Meanwhile Gosling meets a girl and begins to question his own lifestyle of fast women while Carrell's young son ambitiously pines after his babysitter, who herself has eyes on a guy herself. Amongst all this, Carrell's wife Julianne Moore continues to date Kevin Bacon, the cause of the divorce.

Chat-up lines Dad-style

Should you watch it?
As rom-coms go, Crazy Stupid Love is definitely worth a watch. Steve Carell is pretty funny as always and the same can be said for the plot machinations which culminate in a hilarious farcical scene as the love triangle/pyramid collapses. It also features a pretty large A-list cast which certainly helps things along.

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