Monday, 20 August 2012

TV: Borgen (S1) (7/10)

Following on from the successful Forbrydelsen (adapted as The Killing in the US), Danish TV produced another well-received (2012 BAFTA for Best International Series) series in the form of Borgen. Set in the home of the Danish government, the ten parter follows new Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg through her first year in office from election to the opening of parliament.

The series follow three main characters, Prime Minister Nyborg, her spin doctor Kasper Juul and his ex-girlfriend and political news anchor Katrine Fonsmark. The writing is sincere and each episode covers a crisis of some sorts for Nyborg's infant government be it CIA landings on Danish territory, morally complicated extraditions or ministerial scandals. The political drama takes place alongside the drama of each character's home life, in particular Nyborgs. This helps to ground all the characters and is equally as enjoyable as the politics.

I haven't seen The West Wing so I can't compare the two but good acting and strong writing make this series a success and I am sceptical at the news that a US adaptation may be in the works. I'm not sure that the story is transferable to a two-party system but we'll see. I look forward to watching the next series.

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