Friday, 27 July 2012

FILM: Bad Teacher (7/10)

Bad Teacher is 2011 comedy from the writers of The US Office starring Cameron Diaz as a gold-digging, unscrupulous and rule-breaking high school teacher.

Diaz plays the renegade teacher role with relish and is the highlight of the film. The Office style humour comes through in the form of some quirky characters, none more so than Lucy Punch's angelic and sugary sweet contrast to Diaz's character and the dolphin obsessed principal.

The concept of a teacher not really giving a damn, not learning her pupil's names, providing education through the showing of films and turning up hungover most days is a promising one that could have yielded stronger material. That being said, I don't understand some of the low reviews this film received. Without being laugh out loud funny, Bad Teacher is a decent enough comedy providing you accept it for what it is, a fairly trashy comedy with a predictable ending.

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