Monday, 4 June 2012

FILM: American Pie: The Reunion (6/10)

After nine years(!), the main cast return to the American Pie series, presumably after accepting being typecast forever as Jim and co. Interesting that screenplay duty is given to new hands and not to Adam Herz, who wrote all three original films. Unfortunately, the change of writers does not result in a contemporary update to the series.
Never the wittiest of comedies, the humour hasn't changed in the slightest and this time around some of the gags are a little too crude and predictable. Guess what, the pages are stuck together in Jim's old porno mags when his Dad catches him (again) having a look for old times sake. That's not to say that the film isn't funny, it definitely has its moments, and those mostly revolve around Stifler. Stifler always was the funniest character and Seann William Scott steals every scene he appears in with his juvenile enthusiasm and foul mouth. Jim and his Dad share some quite intimate scenes and Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy must be credited for the on-screen relationship they have developed over the years.

Appearing to have grown up, the characters return for a 13 year high school reunion. Similar to the other films, Jim manages to get in yet another predicament due to his ineptitude with girls and digs his way out of the hole with the help of the gang as they struggle to realise that times have changed. My sympathy with Jim was waning this time, supposedly nine years older and wiser, it is slightly tedious and quite depressing that he fails to cope with the most basic of social situations around the opposite sex and becomes tangled up for the fourth time.

By playing on the nostalgia of the series, gags revolving around Jim and his porn stash and footage of his dance and premature ejaculation from the original, the writers are acknowledging that Reunion doesn't hit the highs of previous ones by itself. Although the fact that the audience in the cinema still laughed at these moments suggests the writers are simply giving the viewers what they want.

Worth watching, if just to see the cast back together one last time and for Stifler's revenge on Finch.

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