Monday, 12 March 2012

FILM: Little Fockers - (5/10)

Tired and tedious third installment of the series. With no fresh ideas, the writers rely on the jokes that made the first film amusing and the second slightly less so, mainly cute children saying inappropriate things and the word 'Focker'. The plot is on a whole similar to the previous films albeit set with Greg and Pam now parents themselves and Ben Stiller still floundering around trying in vain to appease Robert De Niro. I would be lying if I said that the film does not contain any laughs, mainly from De Niro and Hoffman. The writers clearly find Owen Wilson's character more humourous than I do, by the end I felt he had been flogged to death twice over for laughs . All in all, worth viewing at some point for a few laughs but no more than that. After reading comments from De Niro after it's release there is unlikely to be another.

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