Wednesday, 17 April 2013

FILM: Lockout (7/10)

Why did I watch it?
I recorded this off SkyMovies last week, remembering that the trailer looked like a tongue in cheek one-man versus the world action-fest.

What's it all about?
Guy Pearce is Snow, a framed CIA operative offered freedom in exchange for saving the President's daughter (Maggie Grace), whose life is in jeopardy after the inmates of MS: One, a maximum security space prison, breakout during her humanitarian visit. Simple as pie. 

Should you watch it?
For me, Lockout is one of those odd guilty pleasures. It was probably far from the best film released during it's week of release, never mind the month or year. It's a straightforward, short, fast paced, guns blazing, one man action vehicle that doesn't make any attempts to be cleverer than it needs to be. Guy Pearce stands in for the likes of Russell, Seagal, Willis, Arnie or Sly as the likeable rogue protagonist.

It's unusual to see Pearce play a genuine all action-hero but he seems to be enjoying himself delivering some of the most sarcastic one-liners in film history, courtesy of co-writer Luc Besson and directors Saint & Mather. In fact, Snow literally barely says anything at all other than acerbic barbs directed at either villains or his damsel in distress. The relationship between Snow and Emilie, and the situation they find themselves in, reminded me of that of Steven Seagal and Erika Eleniak in Under Siege.
MS: One....we have a problem

With a budget of $20M, Lockout is relatively low budget and almost B-movie like but if you can get past the occasionally ropey CGI, place tongue firmly in cheek and accept it for the guilty pleasure it is it's capable of satisfying that action movie itch you get from time to time. Just imagine the most average parts of Die HardUnder Siege and Escape from New York all rolled into one!

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